We supply and keep in stock a wide range of o-rings for every type of sputtering system and component that we build, sell, and maintain.

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We also stock a demanding selection of Power Supplies that will keep your system uptime to a maximum performance. Click the image below to see our selections in stock.


RGA Repair & Service:
We perform complete RGA Repair and Testing. All instruments are fully tested and repaired to manufacturers specifications. Testing is performed using a documented test procedure.

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Varian XM 2000
One of the most versatile sputtering system available today. An excellent tool for experimenting with various films, and can deposit such materials as; aluminum, silicon, tantalum, copper, nickel, titanium tungsten, & platinum and more.

Varian XM-8
Employs the individual wafer metallization concept, which is unsurpassed in producing repeatable films run after run.

Varian 3290
Sets the pace for state-of-the-art wafer sputtering. The system is based upon the widely accepted and field-proven design of the acclaimed 3280. It provides significant improvements for even greater performance and reliability.

Varian 3190
Cassette-to-Cassette Sputtering System. Dedicated 3-inch, 100-mm, or 125-mm wafer handling capability. Field retrofits for changing wafer size are available.

Varian 3180
Magnetron Drive @ 12KW - 650 V with no display. Controlled with customer connection ports - 15 pin or 37 pin, 208 V, 3 Ph, 60 Hz

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