We perform complete RGA Repair and Testing. All instruments are fully tested and repaired to manufacturers specifications. Testing is performed using a documented test procedure.

We also can perform Leak Check Analysis with proven Helium Leak Detectors from Leybold.

CPA offers a complete in-house and on site service for your systems. We can modify, reconfigure, rebuild, setup, repair and upgrade any of your sputtering or PVD systems.

Some of our services include:

  • Controller Repairs
  • Shielding Replacements
  • Shielding Redesign
  • Cathode Replacements
  • Field Service Contracts
  • Cryo Replacements
  • Turbo Pump Replacements
  • Sputter Etch Configurations
  • Heater Configurations
  • PLC / PC Upgrades
  • RGA Repairs and Calibration
  • Leak Check Analysis
  • Parts Replacement and Installation
  • System Troubleshooting
  • Scheduled Maintenance
  • Power Supply Repair
  • Upgrade RF and DC P/S to Solid State
  • Custom Parts and Chamber Additions

We also offer services in thick and thin film development along with any backside metalization or bonding that you might need for your facility.

With our technical support group you can be assured that you will always have assistance in any of your sputtering or PVD needs. Our Technical Field Engineers can perform a complete diagnostics on your system to determine your existing problem with your system. We can also provide design concepts to help improve your productivity and uptime.

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