Excellent Film Quality - VersaMag deposition source and single wafer, cassette-to-cassette horizontal sputtering produce superior films.

Many Options Available - Choose from DC or RF deposition, RF etch, substrate heaters, dual gas control for reactive sputtering, and other options to customize the XM-2000 for your application.


The system can use different target materials at adjacent stations without cross contamination. Since targets can be changed quickly, the XM2000 is easily reconfigured for applications requiring a different series of deposited materials. Fast pump-down to base pressure in less than 90 minutes speeds production.

Varian's XM-2000 Cassette-to-Cassette Sputtering System brings enhanced computer control to the field-proven XM-2000 Sputtering System. We've added automatic process control with superior diagnostic capabilities for more efficient deposition and ease of operation. The XM-2000 can process wafers from 3' to 6" in diameter, and accommodates odd-size substrates.

Process Versatility - Wide variety of metals can be deposited, using both reactive and non reactive gases, with superb run-to-run repeatability and uniformity. Ideal for both R&D and production applications.

Highly Flexible - System can deposit metal films on backside as well as front side of substrates. Adapters allow sputtering on odd-sizes, pieces, and multiple-size wafers within a single run.

Fully Automated - Automatic, touch-screen computer control and straightforward system design facilitate operation and system maintenance.

Production Worthiness - Computerized process and diagnostic control, combined with independently vented and pumped load locks, provide well-monitored and continuous deposition.

Eliminates Cross-contamination - Plasma confinement shields physically isolate process stations and capture precious metals for easy recovery. The XM2000 uses the single wafer sputtering concept, processing every wafer identically for repeatable films, run after run.

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