Fully Automated, Cassette to Cassette Sputtering System offer unexcelled Thin Film
processing performance and field-proven reliability.

Wafer handling and processing in the 3180 systems are automated by 4 separate microprocessors. Communication between the microprocessors allows the system to process wafers in an efficient and user-friendly manner, with operator interaction provided by a touch-panel CRT screen. The system prompts the operator when to load and unload, and runs unattended between loadings.

3180 system configuration includes a substrate preheat module at Process Station 1. For processes requiring precleaning of silicon wafer substrates for "native oxide" removal, the preheat module can be replaced with an RF Sputter Etch Module and its associated 1 kW Power Supply.

The 3180 series of high throughput, cassette-to-cassette sputtering systems has become the industry standard due to superior performance and field-proven reliability. Their unique design incorporating individual wafer processing has been widely accepted and proven in production lines throughout the world.

The 3180 systems are designed so that up to three sputtering sources can be provided, equipped with either the same target material, or materials of different composition for processes requiring sequential deposition. Each system may also be equipped with an RF Sputter Etch Module for in-situ substrate cleaning prior to sputtering.

Superior Film Quality

High deposition rates of approximately 12,000 A/min for aluminum alloys combined with close coupling of the wafer to the Conical Magnetron (ConMag'm) source provide films of unrivaled purity and morphology. Potential sources of contamination are minimized since only the wafer itself is loaded into the small volume load lock.

Up to 28 pallets can be loaded at either end of a 9900 Series System. Once pallets are loaded and the load-lock chamber is evacuated, load-lock valves are opened and the system is pumped down to a preset process vacuum. Pallets are automatically lowered onto the transfer mechanism and moved through the process chambers. The 9900 transport is bi-directional so pallets can be transported back and forth for sequential or multiple-pass deposition.

The 3180 offers automated cassette-to-cassette processing, eliminating the need for operator loading or handling of individual wafers. Each wafer is automatically removed from the cassette, transferred into the vacuum chamber through a load lock, indexed serially through four process stations, and then returned to its original slot in the cassette.

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