Looking for a Cryogenics Compressor that can drive up to 3 on-board 8 cryopumps!

Need a CTI Cryo-Torr pump for your system. Our selection comes complete with compressor and lines.

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Just call us directly and we will be glad to answer all your concerns or questions

CPA has an extensive inventory of New or Fully Reconditioned components and most parts are in stock and we can ship most items the same day the order is placed.

We carry, in stock, a wide array of power supplies for your specific system needs. From Advanced Energy to ENI, from Low-Z to DC Magnetron. You name we got it.

Our Roughing Pump selection is very selective because we go with what works for the industry, from Edwards to Leybold to Varian. Take a look.

CPA also offers components from one of the industry leaders in etch systems, Applied Materials. We have a narrow scope of parts and are ready to ship today!

We have an extensive stock on O'Rings. Every system that we either build or service, we keep stock every O'Ring for our customer support.

CPA carries several different RGA components to best fit your specific system needs. From Leybold Transpectors to Dycor Double and Singles

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