The 3190 process wafers individually with a fixed wafer-to-source geometry during all process steps. Wafers can be heated individually both prior to and during deposition resulting in repeatable and predictable grain size and specularity.

A CRT touch-panel programmable controller enables the operator to interface with the system directly through the screen. By providing all comments via a screen display, a self-prompting "friendly" interface is achieved.

Dynamic measurement of film resistance for diagnostic control is integrated with the wafer handling system. New, wide-range eddy current monitor measures films in the 200A to 30,OOOA thickness range. Non-contacting sensor preserves wafer integrity.

The 3190 cassette-to-cassette sputtering system has an outstanding track record in the industry due to superior performance and field-proven reliability. The unique design incorporating individual wafer processing has been widely accepted and proven in production lines throughout the world.

The 3190 offer automated cassette-to-cassette processing, eliminating the need for operator loading or handling of individual wafers. Each wafer is automatically removed from the cassette, transferred into the vacuum chamber through a load lock, indexed serially through four process stations, and then returned to its original slot in the cassette.

Reduced Particulate Contamination Enhances Yields

To reduce particulate generation, all movements in vacuum are minimized, and there are no movements which cross the plane in which the wafer is held. Wafers are held vertically at all times and are static during deposition. This prevents particulate generation and results in higher yields.

High Throughput

The 3180 is capable of producing high quality metal films on 60 wafers per hour. The 3190 can achieve a throughput of 90 wafers per hour. Both systems can maintain these throughputs while depositing one micron films of aluminum alloys. Depending upon your processing requirements, throughputs may vary.

Wafer handling and processing in the 3190 systems are automated by four separate microprocessors. Communication between the microprocessors allows the system to process wafers in an efficient and user-friendly manner, with operator interaction provided by a touch-panel CRT screen. The system prompts the operator when to load and unload, and runs unattended between loadings.

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