Power Supplies:

Reliable Power Supplies are an absolute requirement within the sputtering industry. We thoroughly test, inspect, and rebuild, if necessary, all our units in stock.

From ENI to Advanced Energy, we supply the power that you need. Check out our power supplies and get the power you need today!


CPA can modify, reconfigure, rebuild, setup, and repair any of your sputtering or deposition systems either in-house or at your facility location onsite.

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CPA 9900 Systems
The CPA 9900 Series of Horizontal Sputtering Systems are designed for a variety of short-run to medium production applications.

CPA 9930 Systems
The 9930 Series can be variously configured as required with diffusion or cryo high vacuum pumping.

CPA 9895
DC Power Generator @ 6 kW with no display. Can be used as a slave to MDX-L 12M or MDX-L 12M650, 208V, 3 Ph

CPA H3000
Magnetron Drive @ 12 Kw,
Controlled with customer connection ports: 17 or 37 pin conn, 208V, 3 Ph, 50/60 Hz

CPA V2000
All V2000 Series Systems are modular, they can be configured to fit the process; systems can have as many different process chambers, substrate heaters or sputter etch chambers as desired.

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