The control system in the V2000 is designed for process versatility and ease of operation. The system is available with a fully automatic control systems using a PC/PLC Design. The fully automatic system is completely programmable and makes the V2000 a menu-driven system.

High throughput is obtained by use of large cathode targets, a process load of up to 28 pallets, highly regulated and finely controlled plasma power supplies, simultaneous two sided deposition, magnetron sputtering, and a variable speed pallet transport system that permits the process to operate at optimal rates.


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CPA has designed and built the V2000 System with reliability and simplicity in mind. Reliability means extended production times with minimal down-time for routine maintenance. Based on actual production cycles in some of the most active and successful semiconductor manufacturers. Each V2000 System CPA provides complete maintenance and operating manuals, system schematics and O.E.M. manuals.

Two sets of shielding are provided with the V2000 System. One is installed and the other is ready for replacement when the need arises. Shielding replacement can be accomplished simultaneously with routine target replacement. Both are easily accessed by removal of the cathode door cover and hinged cathode doors. With each system comes an informative operating and maintenance training program backed with schematics of system electronics and easy to read system documentation.

V2000 Systems use readily available components. Standard power supplies and high vacuum pumping systems simplify system maintenance. A hinged set of doors allows easy access to the cathodes and shielding in each chamber to minimize routine service time.

By following the computer prompts, information such as the process gas flow, the track speed and the deposition rate/target can be pre-programmed. By pre-programming the system, variance of control is eliminated, operator error is greatly decreased and process repeatability is maintained at a high level of accuracy.

Since all V2000 Series Systems are modular, they can be configured to fit the process; systems can have as many different process chambers, substrate heaters or sputter etch chambers as desired. These modules can be located in whatever order the process requires. V2000 systems handle up to 28 pallets in a load.

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