Options include systems for either small batches or large production runs. Horizontal systems with upward, downward or double sided sputtering.

Cathode  assemblies  are 14-7/8 by 4-3/4 and include a water cooled copper backing plate. There are no water-to-vacuum seals. The same cathode assembly is used for DC Magnetron, RF Magnetron, or diode sputtering. The cathode mounts through the top plate (or bottom plate for sputter up systems).

The Model 9930 is a double-sided system designed for simultaneous deposition on both sides of a substrate, it is capable of operating in either a "sputter down" or "sputter up" or "dual sided" process. Its dual, opposing cathodes allow high throughput in double-sided applications.

The Model 9930 is modular and can be easily configured to fit any process. The 9930 can have as many different process chambers, substrate heaters or Sputter Etch chambers as desired. Modules can be located in any order the process requires. Both systems handle up to 28 pallets in a load; the 12" X 12" usable pallet area makes changing the size of substrates as easy as changing pallets.

For multi-layer deposition both DC and RF powered cathodes can be used in the same system. For simultaneous multi-layer deposition each cathode has a dedicated power supply. Deposition thickness for each layer is regulated by transport speed and power. Each power supply has a separate power controller. For systems using tandem chambers for different target material or processes, a single power supply can be switched from cathode to cathode. Any mix of power can be supplied.

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