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Versatility goes beyond process configurations. CPA builds systems with programmable process controllers or 4 button semiautomatic controllers.

CPA builds the most reliable systems in the industry! In actual on-line production use over the last twelve years in some of the most active and successful fabrication facilities in the world


Automatic pallet End chamber and pallets loader/unloaders are also optionally available.


The control system in the 9900 series is designed for process versatility and ease of operation. The system is available with a fully automatic control systems using a PC/PLC Design. The fully automatic system is completely programmable and makes the 9900 a menu-driven system. By following the computer prompts, information such as the process gas flow, the track speed and the deposition rate/target can be pre-programmed..

The Model 9900 is a single-sided system designed primarily for applications where only one side of a substrate requires processing, sputter down" only. Double-sided coating is possible in two batch runs, but only at reduced throughput.

The CPA 9900 Series of Horizontal Sputtering Systems are designed for a variety of short-run to medium production applications. Since both Model 9900 and Model 9930 are modular, they can be easily configured to fit the process; both models can have as many different process chambers, substrate heaters or Sputter Etch chambers as desired. Modules can be located in any order the process requires. Both systems handle up to 28 pallets in a load; the 12" X 12" usable pallet area makes changing the size of substrates as easy as changing pallets.

Up to 28 pallets can be loaded at either end of a 9900 Series System. Once pallets are loaded and the load-lock chamber is evacuated, load-lock valves are opened and the system is pumped down to a preset process vacuum. Pallets are automatically lowered onto the transfer mechanism and moved through the process chambers. The 9900 transport is bi-directional so pallets can be transported back and forth for sequential or multiple-pass deposition.

System Configurations
The 9900 System represents the most versatile series of standard Sputtering Systems available. Practically any arrangement of standard components can be assembled to provide an almost limitless set of system configurations. Typical variations include the number of targets, the number and type of pumping system (diffusion or cryopumped high vacuum system), the number and type of power supplies (RF, or DC), with or without load lock, with or without sputter etching, with or without substrate heating, to mention some of the possible standard variations.

The 9900 is completely interlocked for maximum personnel and equipment safety. All access panels, sputtering doors, chamber pressure switches, and water flow switches are interlocked to provide protection for personnel, the system and the wafer load in process. CPA's 9900 Series operated at better than 95% up-time, including normal shutdown for target replacement, chamber cleaning and pump service.

Chambers & Targets
Options include systems for either small batches or large production runs. Horizontal systems with upward, downward or double sided sputtering. CPA Sputtering Systems are designed for easy expansion. Chambers and processes can be readily added or modified to accommodate new process requirements. Target sizes can be selected for each system, the 9900 and 9930 is a 15" target. Targets assemblies are available to Sputter an area up to 12" square. On a 9940 system, Target sizes of 22", 35", or 50" are available.


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