Need a specific Power Supply for your sputtering system or PLC rack.....check you our selection right here.

The Nordiko 2000, 2550 and 8550 Sputtering Systems offer the highest degree of process flexibility in the industry.

We supply and keep in stock a wide range of o-rings for every type of sputtering system and component that we build, sell, and maintain.

CHA's Mark 50 System is specifically designed for flexibility and long term reliability in high production semiconductor metalization environments.



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CPA carries a variety of Applied Materials components ranging from HiVac components to Magnets assemblies. These items are readily available and can be shipped out the same day ordered in most cases.



CTI OB8F Leybold 150

CTI OB8 Leybold V360

CTI CT-8 Leybold V361

CTI T-8F Varian V200A


  Seiko Seiki STP 301

CTI CT-100 Balzers TPH-170

  Leybold TMP1000

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