We perform complete RGA Repair and Testing. All instruments are fully tested and repaired to manufacturers specifications. Testing is performed using a documented test procedure.

We also can perform Leak Check Analysis with proven Helium Leak Detectors from Leybold.

CPA carries a variety of Applied Materials components ranging from HiVac components to Magnets assemblies. These items are readily available and can be shipped out the same day ordered in most cases.

Perkin Elmer 4400
The 4400 Series of RF Plasma systems for sputtering and etching reflect an advanced design concept based on a high capacity load lock that permits wafer loading without breaking vacuum in the process chamber.

Perkin Elmer 2400
is an RF sputter system. Features include an automatic pump down controller, a cryopump for an oil-free vacuum, and a 500 Watt RF power supply. It has three 8" sputter targets - Platinum, Titanium, and Aluminum - 2% Silicon.

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