Perkin-Elmer 4400

The 4400 Series of RF Plasma systems for sputtering and etching reflect an advanced design concept based on a high capacity load lock that permits wafer loading without breaking vacuum in the process chamber.

Created specifically for the production environment, this Ultek design provides you with significant advantages whenever you must combine quality with high yield and high throughput. The means to handle almost any thin film coating or etching requirement you may have is provided by a broad range of operating modes. These include- DC magnetron, RF magnetron and RF diode sputter deposit, bias sputter, reactive sputter, sputter etch, plasma etch and reactive ion etch.

High Throughput
Quick turnaround is achieved on your batch loads by a fast cycle load lock, a closed loop helium cryopump and a full flood Meissner trap. Aluminum alloy deposition rates as high as 2000 Å per

minute is possible with Delta™ target systems, resulting in production rates exceeding 150 three-inch wafers an hour.

High yield
A rotating substrate table for multi-pass deposition ensures you high-uniformity films and run-to-run repeatability. The mechanical design specifically minimizes generation of particles that could cause pinhole defects. Wafer breakage is reduced by easy loading pallet designs. Reproducible high quality films are guaranteed through the routine achievement of clean vacuum conditions.
Total control of critical film characteristics

4400 Series systems will yield you excellent films with aluminum, aluminum alloys, platinum silicide, titanium-tungsten, nichrome-gold, silicon nitride, silicon dioxide, chrome disilicide and permalloy.

Step coverage: Vertical to horizontal can approach 70% and is typically better than 50% even with high or undercut steps.

Specularity: Reflectivity as a measure of specularity is at least 60% and can be as good as 80%.
Resistivity: Bulk resistivity is essentially achievable for AI and Al-alloy films with typical values ranging from 2.8 to 2.9 µO cm.

Bondability: Hardness values lower than 100 (Knoop) are routinely achievable with short anneal times, minimizing the risk of bond failure.

Maximum process control
A considerable choice of target materials, machine operating modes, pressure and gas controls, cathode configurations and power levels are available in the 4400 Series. They give you an unprecedented capacity to perform a wide variety of thin film tasks.


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