Nordiko systems offer both RF and DC capability in either magnetron or diode operating modes. The sputtering electrodes can be readily converted between modes by simply adding or removing the magnetic elements.

When RF is specified, each sputtering electrode is provided with an independent RF auto-matching network. These networks are designed to insure stability through precise auto-tuning over the full range of operating conditions. A combined RF/DC electrode offers switching between either type of power supply for optimum process flexibility. All RF and DC power supplies are solid-state with digital control capabilities.


Nordiko offers a work table consisting of both heating and cooling circuit elements, to alternatively allow either substrate cooling or heating, exploiting the virtues of each. This feature exemplifies the unprecedented process flexibility inherent in Nordiko sputtering machines.

The Nordiko is an enlarged version of the 2550 tool, encompassing increased chamber volume and substrate table capacity, for the highest throughputs possible for Full Production.

  • Oversize 32.5" (800mm) diameter work holder can accommodate a large number of substrates for maximum loading and subsequent batch processing.
  • Four sputtering electrode capacity; 10" (250mm) diameter planar targets.
  • Six sputtering electrode capacity; 8" (200mm) diameter planar targets.
  • Sequential multi-layer processing or co-deposit from any alternating pair of electrodes.
  • Accommodates substrates up to 6" x 6" or 8" diameter with excellent uniformity characteristics.

The main chamber is pumped commonly by a CTI Cryotorr 8 cryogenic pump with a speed of 1400 liters/second for Nitrogen and 4000 liters/second for water vapor. Cryopump autoregeneration is standard on automatic systems with hot Nitrogen purge. The cryo is backed by a two stage direct drive rotary pump with a speed of 28 m3/hr (19.5 CFM @ 60 Hz). Turbomolecular pumping options are also available for reactive applications or in requirements which demand rapid system cycling. 

Automatic pump down control is standard on all Nordiko deposition systems. The Nordiko microprocessor based system allows either fully automatic pump down control or interlocked manual control. A combined inverted magnetron-dual Pirani gauge unit with digital read out is used to provide a pressure signal to the control system for changing over from rough to fine pumping. A capacitance manometer is available where more accurate measurement and control is desirable. The main chamber Pirani gauge is used to monitor pressure during sputtering. 

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