The MRC has full micro-computer control which allows multiple process recipe storage, and offers complete automation and maximizes uptime.

The MRC 943 was designed with the process and the maintenance personnel in mind. Both loadlock and process chamber are accessible from the front at a convenient height.


The hydraulically lifted top plate opens up the system and makes target exchange, clean up and maintenance an easy task. The deposition shields, he anode plane and the chain drive shields are all removable for cleaning. All vacuum components are readily accessible and cover panels are unlatched in seconds for access whenever maintenance is necessary.

The MRC 943 is a batch sputtering system designed for process flexibility usually found only in R&D systems. The MRC provides 3 targets in-line with bi-directional and multi-pass scanning, allowing the deposition of superior quality films in a wide range of modes.

The Unique high throughput loadlock features a dual-level elevator, radiant heater for out-gassing and it's own 1,500 I/sec. cryopump for rapid pumpdown, while a second pallet continues simultaneously uninterrupted.
The high vacuum pumping of the loadlock maintains very low partial pressures of contamination gases and ensures excellent film quality.

The standard MRC 943 configuration includes computer control and an interactive keyboard and CRT display system. This allows for easy entry of process parameters and pallet scan mode. All ancillary components, such as DC power supply, mechanical pump and both cryopump compressors, are located behind the system up to 10 feet away.

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