The CVC Connexion Cluster Tool system is a modular system with stations for connecting up to six modules around a central substrate-handling platform. Each module performs a different manufacturing process on the substrate. The CONNEXION Cluster Tool system enables the integration of modules supplied by either the Company or third-parties. CPA currently offers a wide range of advanced process modules for deposition and etching of thin film layers.

The CVC CONNEXION  Cluster Tool consists of a number of vacuum modules linked together through hardware and software, allowing wafers to be transferred from module to module.

The CONNEXION Cluster Tool, combined with a wide range of process modules, helps to create highly uniform devices through the integration of various processes in a vacuum controlled environment. Its integrated, modular-based systems provide functional flexibility that enables data storage and semiconductor manufacturers to quickly transition to new process technologies, improve time-to-market of higher performance products and improve manufacturing yields



The CVC Connexion Cluster Tool provides an excellent platform for process development and rapid transfer into production. The modular design also enables simple upgrades and extendibility as the process and throughput requirements change over time

Multi Target DC Sputtering Cluster Tool With RF Etch and Loadlock.
(4) 12 DC magnetron cathodes with rotating magnet assemblies for even target consumption.
System includes cluster module with loadlock and multi-target module with controls and pumps.
Sputter down configuration
CTI Cryotorr 10 on process module, CTI 8F on the cluster module, and CTI 4F on the loadlock.
PC control with touch screen interface, techware cluster module controller
ENI OEM-2000 RF Power Supply for substrate etch
Advanced energy MDX Power Supply for sputter

An important feature of the CVC Cluster Tool over conventional stand-alone vacuum processing equipment is the possibility to dock and undock modules at any given time.

Multistep sequential vacuum processes may be integrated in a single cluster tool. Such vacuum integrated processing results in a cleaner process as both microcontamination (i.e. particles) and chemical contamination (due to exposure to air) between different steps are avoided. It may also lead to improved throughput and cycle time by having a single load-lock pumpdown for all processes.

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