Sputter up and sputter down modes are easily chosen and keep particulate contamination of the substrate to a minimum by sputtering up, odd shape and irregular substrates can be processed in sputter down mode.

The CVC 611 can process substrates on pallets or directly and up to six substrate pallets can be processed per run. Cassette in cassette substrate processing is possible for most substrates.

The CVC 611 is built with open architecture and by removing the dress covers, the entire mechanical and electric subsystems become accessible for service and maintenance.

The CVC 611 LOADLOK™ sputtering system can process substrate pallets one at a time through the optional robotic chamber slit valve.

The CVC LOADLOK™ system has been designed with maximum thin film sputtering process flexibility as major objective....for the research and development scientist or production process engineer, the CVC 611 is an ideal tool for dependable cost effective operation. Eight work stations accept combinations of RF magnetron, RF diode, DC magnetron planar sputtering cathodes . . . Up to eight materials may be deposited, with sequential or co-sputter deposition.

Product throughput of the CVC 611 LOADLOK™ is ideal for many production applications. For pilot production the CVC 611 is unsurpassed. Use the same system for process development and production.

The CVC ICS 660™ ION CLEANING source can be installed in any work station. The 7.5 inch diameter low energy ion beam, designed for substrate preclean is today's alternative to sputter etch. It ensures minimized particulate generation, creates smoother, uniform surfaces, and causes less substrate damage.

Automated process control with real-time processing . . . A Techware PAL-68000 real-time process controller provides overall One button" control. Full screen color graphics, three levels of programming, 20 MB hard drive, data logging, seven levels of passwords, self-diagnostics and modem support are some of the features on the CVC 611.

Quick Change Targets QCT™ are used on all work stations, therefore, changing sputtering targets can be done quickly, with minimum system down-time.

Titanium shielding and substrate holders . . . Titanium is dimensionally stable, light weight for easy and safe handling and will with stand rigorous cleaning regimens.

The CVC ROTOSTRATE™ . . . This concept of rotating the substrate over the targets ensures excellent film uniformity, repeatability, and allows for true co-deposition. The CVC 611 can be mounted in a clean room through-the-wall or free standing.

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